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Well im 23 years old curetnly getting a divorce and just got primay custody of my daughterabout me well there is a lot lol i love horse backriding i love collecting dragon i enjoy swimming, bowling. I miss being able to hike but my knee ya its bad lol. i I also love hot sexy sport cars and old cars CARGASIMS:D and i love motorcycles im sweet and honest kind loving and a cuddler. Oh i cant stand when ppl say they hate drama cuz like hello life is drama get over and move on cuz i have a lot of drama in my life not that i want it but it likes to bite in the ass all the time lol.hmmm oh i love jokes any jokes i love to laugh, i love almost all music i cant stand gospal or opra and a few others i cant think of right now, i love almost all movies i HATE chucky. I love snakes hate spider ik ew gross lol. im am a all animal lover. i love to cook and bake:) im still looking for my dream man Oh i love muscles:D so sexy:)
HighSchool: Riverton High School
Music: ICP, EMINEM, abk twized, blaze, boondox, tech n9ne, kottenmouth kings, britney spears, backstreet boys, dmx, ja rule, snoop dog, heart, bob segar, christina agularia, timbaland, subline, blink 182, evencence, no doubt, gwen stephonie, eve, celin doion, ect.... there is alot more that i just can't think of name at the moment
TV: family guy south park futerama, ghost whisper, ghost hunters, scarest places on earth. decover heath channel, any kind of documentry.
Books: box care childrem baliy school kids ect...
Sports: dever broncos, swimming bowling, hocky,ect..........
Interests: dragons mythical stuff sex haha candy lol music movies dancing pool swimming ect........
Movies: alll
BestFeatures: my ddz yall
Dreams: to find and meet my real dad mark glenn jones. and to find the man of my dreams that i can love and that will love me for who i am and not critize me. and that i can make wounderfull memories with and have a family with that is my biggest dream in the world :D

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