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    3 ft. 0 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Architectural Services
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I was brought up to respect, to love, to do only good things, to help those who need my help. I have done so far, and I will work and the rest of my imperfect earthly life. I am a very compassionate, emotional, honest person.

What I am looking for

You do not know, and probably will never even know, how many times I sold myself for a night with you. You might just, sometimes, in his wildest dreams, guess that there is someone who raises you to the very heavens, who compares you with the brightest stars, for whom you are the very beginning of life, who wants to be yours.
You do not know, maybe you do not want to know, that's not my day if I am in the clouds contours of your face is not found, if the sun warms me in a way that I think would be yours, if my heart at least once a day does not shudder when I think of your name.
I would like to know how much heat is in my humble arms, that I hide in me you.
You do not know, and I wish that you know, just how much I wish that all your dreams for me to become my holly thought, for which I am happy to spend my days, that will, I say that I know why I was born and why I exist.
You be me for the whole world will say, see him, what all will not work because of a woman.